The allegations of sexual abuse against R. Kellygo back nearly two and a half decadesSurviving R. Kelly brought these allegations to the light, once again, earlier this year. While the sequel to Surviving is scheduled to drop early 2020, the trailer dropped today which is set to explore the aftermath of the bombshell doc. 

A former girlfriend of R. Kelly, Asante McGee, appeared in the documentary detailing her experiences dating the singer. She's set to appear on an upcoming episode of Dr. Oz where she described being "groomed" by a "sex trainer," PageSix reports. "Even before moving to the house, one of the earlier things that he showed me, maybe like a month before moving me to the house, he introduced me to the trainer,” she said in the clip. "I was told, she’s someone to teach me how to please him. So basically, she would give me instructions sexually how to please him, what he liked and what he didn’t like.”

She explained further that when she initially moved in, the first person she met aside from the trainer was Kelly's current girlfriend, Azriel Clary. "When we got to the home, it was me, the trainer, and Azriel there. We was together, we arrived at the house, [Kelly] showed us the bedrooms and everything, and from that moment, that’s when he just started giving me the rules every day, because I remember having to go to the bathroom, to the kitchen, wherever, you had to knock on."

Full episode of Asante McGee's episode is set to air tomorrow.