Recently, H&M has come under fire for an image on their e-commerce website that shows a young black child wearing a hoodie that says "Coolest Monkey in the Jungle." This particularly racist pairing of clothing and model has been ripped apart over the internet for the past couple of days, with H&M issuing an apology earlier this week and removing the image from their servers. Leave it to Rachel Dolezal to take matters into her own hands and respond to the controversy in an equally insensitive manner. 

Taking to Instagram, Dolezal shared an image of an alternative hoodie that first read "Coolest Prince in the Hood," which has effectively criticized over social media for paralleling H&M in their tone deaf fashion choices. While the post has since been deleted, The Root has captured the image before it was removed. Dolezal admits that this controversy struck home with her, as her black son has been called a monkey by a fellow student at his elementary school.

Image via The Root

Dolezal has now shared another Instagram post with an edited slogan which reads "Coolest Prince in the World," but her earlier mistakes have clouted her latest attempt at redemption. 

Furthermore, Dolezal admits that "all proceeds from sales on my website go directly to providing for the 3 coolest princes in my household (my 3 black sons)," further proving that the controversial figure is constantly seeking ways to keep her name thriving in the headlines, for better or worse.