Music-duo Rae Sremmurd recently sat down with GQ to discuss a topic that we trust and believe they know quite a bit about - jewelry.

The trend-setters are definitely stacked, and showed off an insanely impressive collection with items that cost staggering amounts of money.  In the signature "On The Rocks" GQ segment, the two artists discussed the significance and symbolism behind jewelry in their industry. Slim Jxmmi shared, "I never really collected jewelry back in the day, I never wore no chains." His brother Swae Lee followed up the reflection with "I am the type of person [who can spend the entire day without wearing jewlery] When I made it in my profession, it was just something to let them know hey, I am successful with this shit."

The two flaunted several items such as identical Bust Down Audemars Piguet Watches, a Panda Coin Pinky Ring and exclusive pieces such as Watch goggles and a Fishbone chain. Earlier this month, their home was broken into and raided by robbers. The masked assailants reportedly pistol-whipped the guards on duty and managed to cut and run with brothers' safe in tow, injuring one person. 

None of the imagined turmoil and stress that may be induced by such an event is depicted in the video and the rappers maintain their positive, care-free demeanor. You can watch the video below.