Rae Sremmurd's latest interview with Montreality starts off on a hilarious note, as Slim Jxmmi and Swae Lee smoke blunts while the latter freestyles. "I'm feelin' this shit, I'm feelin' this shit yeah, I just took a shit on a lil bitch, yeah," raps Swae, before taking a long drag. The interview proceeds to kick off with a question about utopia, and both members go on to describe their ideal one. "There's no police, but nobody breaks the law," says Swae, after wishing every girl in the world would be Sremmlife. Jxmmi gets a little socially conscious, wishing people would be able to stop discriminating based on color of religious beliefs. 

When asked about their goals at 86, both give pretty distinct answers. Swae Lee pines to be a badass, hermit O.G, Jximmi would ultimately prefer to be "Dr. Dre. Don't nobody know where I'm at, everyone just know I'm rich, that's it. Goals, you know what I'm saying?"

They go on to praise Lil Wayne and his lyricism, talk about their favorite cartoons (Courage The Cowardly Dog, Ren & Stimpy, 2 Stupid Dogs), and drop some serious geek knowledge about Dragon Ball Z. As the interview closes out, the duo goes into detail about the importance of condoms, telling the youth to smarten up and use protection:

"Wear condoms, that's one of the messages we have. Because STDs, those aren't cool, and babies at a young age those are really hard to deal with. AIDS, hair herpes, and all that type of sh*t - that's not fun."

Check out the full interview below.