Slim Jimmy has been recovering since Rae Sremmurd's performance at the Governor's Ball last weekend landed him in the hospital. The "Throw Sum Mo" rapper injured himself after slipping near the front of the stage, getting a hunk of glass lodged in his leg in the process.

"Yeah I knew it was severe, but I had to get back up and get on stage," Jimmy told TMZ today-- his first time speaking publicly on the incident. "I thought I was gonna die."

It's difficult to tell how seriously to take Jimmy's claim, but he does seem to be in good spirits today, joking with Swae Lee about self-medicating with lean on his way out of the hospital.

Though it might be against his doctor's orders, Jimmy says he'll be back to performing within the next 10 days. "I'm gonna get back up as soon as these staples get back out," he said. "I'mma start performing-- it ain't nothin'."

Check out the Sremm boys' interview with TMZ below.