We've seen artists fall victim to unsolicited selfies with people they've spent the night with before. Fairly recently, a sleeping Justin Bieber was photographed by an alleged hook-up, and today, it seemed Swae Lee of Rae Sremmurd had suffered the same fate, but according to him, things aren't exactly as they appear.

As Baller Alert points out, a woman by the name of Dorothy P. Hastings is responsible for taking a photo of herself beside an unsuspecting Swae, posting it up online with the (admittedly hilarious) caption, "This could be us but you playin" (Important note: the two black eyes she has are said to be from a skateboarding injury). 

After the pic drove Twitter into a frenzy, Swae came through to clear the air, suggesting that he didn't hook up with Hastings, and was actually interested in her friend. He called Hastings a "third wheel" and claimed she was "blocking" his game. Overall, he seemed pretty amused by the whole thing.

Swae posted up a video which he claimed explained the dynamic of the situation. You you can watch it here (it's NSFW). View his other posts below.