While the legendary Raekwon The Chef has experienced a great number of accomplishments, including proving that a sequel can indeed be up to par with the original, the Wu-Tang lyricist hasn't quite crossed off his entire bucket list yet. Ever the adventurous spirit, Raek recently took to the New York's Jacob Javits Center to experience his very first Comic-Con, though he ultimately neglected to cosplay. His exuberance is noted from the jump, as he seems to marvel at the "real, real, real stuff going on." Clearly, the man is excited.

"Shout out my boy Alex Ross, man," says Raekwon, taking a moment to check out his homie's artwork. "He's a dope, dope artist you know?" He proceeds to relay a message, saying "tell him Wu-Tang says keep doing what you do, you inspire us." The Chef also takes a moment to explain how comic books apply to his own mentality, saying "I might wake up and feel like Captain America on the mic, I might have another track that make me feel like the Hulk." 

He reminds fans that the Clan's comic book love was well established on "Protect Ya Neck," which featured Inspectah Dec's iconic deliverance of "swinging through your town like the neighbourhood Spider-Man." You've gotta admire Rae's enthusiasm for comic-book culture, and the appreciation runs deep. "It's definitely one of the illest things I ever got to experience," says Rae. "Now that I've checked it for the first time, you better check for me all the time."