Listing his five favorite emcees in a short Q&A for GQ's new Barbershop interview series, Raekwon gave shout outs to Rakim, Slick Rick, Kool G Rap, KRS-One, and Chuck D. When asked who's at the top of the hip-hop game, however, he claimed all five emcees were out-shined by fellow New Yorker Jay Z. Praising Jay's longevity, the Wu-Tang rapper went on to explain that younger rappers may be hot now, but lasting 20 years is the true test of ability.

Prior to listing off his rap favorites, The Chef was also given the opportunity to talk about his upcoming album Fly International Luxurious Art as well as the infamous million-dollar Wu-Tang release.

“This album right here, I got to say, this is one of my top works today, you know?” he said of F.I.L.A. before going on to confirm an appearance from Snoop Dogg. 

Rae also went on to discuss the new Wu-Tang project, saying the LP is being shipped off to the highest bidder. “You know how you go to an art gallery and you look at a bunch of art pictures,” he added, while speaking on the Wu-Tang album. “With this project right here is basically gonna be auctioned in a museum. Whoever comes with the highest bid is the winner of this classic album.”

Is Jay Z still at the top of the rap game almost twenty years after Reasonable Doubt? Share your thoughts.

Raekwon’s full interview with GQ can be found below. Topics of discussion include the aforementioned as well being a father and what Rae thinks of skinny jeans.