F.I.L.A. (short for  Fly International Luxurious Art) is on the horizon as the rapper is shooting for an early May release date. When making an appearance on B Real’s Smoke Box Internet show, the former Wu-Tang-Clan member had this to say:

“My next move is this next album I’ve been working on. It’s called Fly International Luxurious Art. It’s a long title but that’s how I felt right now. It’s a fly album though. You know me. That’s my thing. I like to make a body of work that I could put in people’s cars and they could just listen to it.”

Raekwon described the sound of his new album, detailing that he would like to shoot for a more accessible sound this go around. The veteran rapper has always had a rather unique sound with distinct Wu-Tang-esque production that would always appeal strongly to music critics and fans alike but never quite took on with the masses the same way. Raekwon is universally acknowledged as one of the great staples of Hip-Hop by fans but outside listeners would only occasionally be aware of his existence.

While the decision to opt for a broader sound, but we think if anyone deserves some radio airplay, it would be Raekwon. On the subject, Raekwond said:

“This album is well-rounded. I wanted to show people that I’m still at my best, but I’m into making now more stadium style music and catering to every audience. I want to give him a slice, him a slice, you eatin’. You over there in the corner that really don’t like me, I made something for you. Really just to give everybody that...stew pot that is me at my perfected level. You know, ‘cause I feel like I’m perfected...because of the fans, the way they salute me, the way they speak of some of my classic albums and shit. They make me feel like the hero. So this album is Fly International Luxurious Art. It’s nothing but me just really just showing niggas like, ‘Yo, his pen game is right. He’s being smart about the records he’s making. He’s catering to every audience of music.’ I have nothing to prove. I’m already in the books, so all I can do is keep giving people quality music. I went out and merged with some killer producers."

Watch the video of the interview below.