One of the most highly anticipated projects that came out in 2017 was Travis Scott and Quavo's joint album, Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho. The project was in the works for a while and there was even a point when no one was really convinced it would've been released last year, if ever. However, they ended up dropping it earlier than expected. One thing that stood out in particular on the project was the album artwork which was handled by famed illustrator, Ralph Steadman. In a recent interview, he detailed how the collaboration came to be.

Ralph Steadman recently spoke to MTV News about his involvement with Quavo and Travis Scott's Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho album and how he ended up doing the cover art for the project. It turns out, Ralph Steadman had no idea who Travis Scott or Quavo were before signing up for the project. 

"I had to familiarize myself with this whole new world of rap. I liked Travis and Quavo's faces and their dreadlocks. I knew I could make some use of those," he said. 

He later elaborated and said that even though he had no idea of who either rappers were, it didn't play much of a factor in his decision to work with them.

"Though I had never heard of them I did not consider that important, it was for me unknown territory, and I went along with it out of curiosity as much as anything," he said.

Despite the fact that he's unfamiliar with hip hop, he did admit that he enjoyed the project due to their enthusiasm and youthfulness. He even said it reminded him of the time he was a choirboy.

Regardless of their totally contrasting worlds, Steadman came through with an exquisite cover art that represents Scott and Quavo's collaborative effort well.