Chances are, you've had at least one Pop-Tart in your life; the sweet and crispy toaster pastry has been a household staple for decades, appealing to both young children as a midday snack, and stoners with late-night munchies, alike. The legendary desert snack was launched back in 1967, hitting shelves with only 4 flavor availabilities. Today though, Pop-Tarts boasts over 30 flavors (not counting all the limited addition options they came out with), from classics like Frosted Strawberry, and Frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon, to more unexpected flavors such as Blue Raspberry and PB&J Strawberry. Perhaps there's nothing Pop-Tarts can't do, the exact sentiment one Twitter use had in mind when he tweeted the company his ... interesting flavor suggestion.

The proposed new flavor could be good or bad ... depending on what you're into. Twitter user @kheroff81 posted a picture, showing a box of ranch flavored Tarts. "People say you can put ranch on anything...." he captioned the tweet, tagging both Pop-Tarts and Hidden Valley Ranch, the condiment company of his choice.

Hidden Valley took no time to respond, also tagging Pop-Tarts and telling them to "give the people what they want," to which, an unimpressed Pop-Tarts tweeted back simply: "lol no."

The comment section had people divided, with some claiming they "WANT THE RANCH TARTS" and others declaring the idea "DISGUSTANG." Pop-Tarts would Pop-Up once more every now and then on the discussion, to bluntly let everyone know it would not be happening, even jokingly telling one user to delete his account after he suggested they "make it happen."

The whole, hilarious ordeal did succeed one thing though (other than giving us all a good chuckle), as the wild flavor suggestion inspired others to get creative in their own flavor proposals to Pop-Tarts, check out some of the most insane ones below!