Releasing three mixtapes over the course of six months is no easy task; dropping three that are celebrated by critics and fans alike is almost unthinkable. Future made it look easy from October 2014 to March 2015, with the three-peat triumph of MonsterBeast Mode and 56 Nights paving the way for a veritable MVP season that was capped off by his best-selling album to date and a mixtape with Drake. But even before he had the attention of the entire rap-obsessed internet, Future made his name in the streets and strip clubs of Atlanta with free tapes. If his last year's seemed so effortless, it's only because he was getting back to the day-one skills that made Dirty SpriteAstronaut Status and other early career highlights such cult favorites. Before DS2, mixtape-mode Future operated completely differently than album-mode Future, the latter of whom was more consumed by big-name collabs, a variety of styles and chart success. "Success" to mixtape Future just means feeding the streets and giving Esco some Magic City masterpieces.

Starting with 2010's 1000, Future's illustrious mixtape discography includes several with other rappers, including Gucci Mane on Free Bricks and his own Freeband Gang on FBG: The Movie Black Woodstock. In the interest of this list, we're going to stick to tapes that have Future handling more than 50% of the vocals, so as not to water it down (also, those pale in comparison to most of his solo catalog). WATTBA is also out. Instead, we're ranking all of Future's nine solo tapes from worst to best, giving you a clearer picture of his career's atmosphere-penetrating peaks and its (still substantially above-sea-level) valleys.