Ranking Jay Z albums can be like doing any other Jay-related list: it's impossible to get it right. The God MC himself ranked his albums last year via Life + Times and caused an uproar from just about everyone, including die hard fans, casual listeners and committed Internet trolls, who bombarded the comment section with commentary like, "Nah! Vol. 2 wasn't all that good" and "Are you shitting me?!" There's a reason people are so passionate in their critiques of anything Jay Z related, and it's simple: Jay Z  is as good as it gets. His catalogue, which includes several classic albums and even more classic songs, is the stuff of legend. Hov's worse albums are better than most rappers' best albums, which force critics to grade his albums on a completely different scale. This is all what makes it impossible to get a Jay Z album ranking perfect. But with all of that being said, here, we attempt to rank Jay Z ’s solo albums, as we did for both Nas and Eminem. These rankings are not only based on quality, but also impact and importance. Enjoy, and sound off in the comments.