Rapper Bennahhunnaa, the self-described voice of the slums, is in the news today because of an alleged shooting that took place on Instagram Live. 

The artist was in the middle of an argument with his girlfriend when she allegedly pulled out a gun and shot him, leaving him with minimal injuries.

Bennahhunnaa was filming his girlfriend in her apartment when she ordered him to leave. He asked her repeatedly if she was going to shoot him, acting pretty confidently as though she didn't have the guts. After a short yelling match, the woman accused Benna of smoking joints laced with PCP, which led the rapper to say that she would never shoot him. Then, after threatening to smack her, she seemingly pulled the trigger, leaving Bennahhunnaa on the ground and screaming for help.

It is unclear why Bennahhunnaa was shot and if this is legitimate. In the past, rappers have attempted to stage incidents like this for clout. 

The young man has since commented on the alleged shooting, telling fans that anybody on his girl's side can unfollow him.

Thankfully, there appears to have been no serious damage done to either party.

Watch the video and let us know what you think.