Last week, police found themselves in an altercation with a then-unidentified man, which ultimately took a tragic turn. Today, Police have released the identity of the man, confirming him to be rapper Ryan Bowers. According to FOX San Diego, police arrived at Bowers' home after receiving word from a family member that he had cut his own throat.

Upon being let in by the aforementioned family member, police found the rapper in the back of his bedroom. San Diego Police Lieutenant Anthony Dupree claimed that Bowers pulled a different knife from his jacket and approached with the weapon drawn. Police warned him to stay back, but Bowers continued, still wielding the knife. One of the officers proceeded to open fire, reportedly hitting Bowers somewhere in the upper body. Despite receiving medical attention at the scene, Bowers was transported to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. He is currently fighting for his life.

For those who don't know, Bowers was actually signed by Nick Cannon, who issued an emotional statement on Instagram. "This honestly hurts my heart to have to post this right now, but I’m just requesting prayers and positive energy for my young guy!" he writes. "He had such a troubled and haunted journey when I first signed him that I wasn’t aware of because he did it all with a smile. One of the nicest and sincere kids you could ever meet." You can read Cannon's full post below. In the meantime, send your thoughts and prayers to Ryan Bowers.