Kawhi Leonard is a popular man in Toronto right now thanks to the fact that he just led the Raptors to their first ever NBA championship. If you're Canadian, this accomplishment still feels pretty surreal, especially for those in Toronto who haven't seen a championship for quite some time. As you would imagine, as soon as the final buzzer went off, fans roamed the streets of Toronto in absolute jubilation over what just happened. Some fans went about their business as usual, while some employed some much more interesting tactics.

For instance, one fan was caught on the street by Global News thanks to the fact that he was carrying a huge plant with him throughout the city. The man was instantly dubbed as "Plant Guy" and explained that he was looking for Kawhi. The fan, who seemed pretty intoxicated, claimed that the plant was meant to be a housewarming gift as he's certain Leonard will remain in Toronto.

What makes this clip even funnier is the fact that the plant looks like it was freshly ripped from its roots. There is certainly an unlucky homeowner out there who has no clue where their plant went last night. Although if your plant was placed in Leonard's home, you probably wouldn't feel all that bad about it. There are definitely worse fates out there.

Hopefully, this guy is able to find Kawhi before he goes on vacation.