Marion "Pooch" Hall is rightfully in jail on a $100,000 bail for driving drunk and letting his two-year-old son sit on his lap and steer the vehicle, TMZ  reports. The 41-year-old's alcohol level was reportedly .25 (more than 3 times the legal limit) and police were alerted of his driving when witnesses called 911 at around 7:30 PM Wednesday night after seeing a toddler drive a car in Burbank. 

The vehicle eventually veered off and smashed into a parked car where another witness saw the child crying in the front seat, and upon further inspection saw the car seat laying around in the back among the junk, not strapped down properly. Thankfully, there were no injuries and once police arrived at the scene Pooch was unable to walk, reeking of alcohol. 

His son was released to his wife's custody and Marion awaits his next move behind bars.