Ray Donovan star Marion "Pooch" Hall is caught up in a bizarre DUI story. As reported by TMZHall was arrested on Wednesday night after witnesses called 9-1-1 reporting a toddler driving in Burbank, California. The vehicle carrying Hall and his 2-year-old child veered into a parked car and crashed, leaving the baby crying in the front seat. Apparently, the child's seat was in the back buried among random items. When police arrived, Hall's BAC was at .25, or three times the legal limit. 

TMZ has learned from their sources that the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services has opened an investigation into Hall's case. An investigation means that DCFS could sit down members of Hall's family for interviews and dig into his past to see if he has endangered the child before. After a proper examination, if the case appears to be an isolated incident DCFS will step back and allow the courts to pass judgment. The court would not be inclined to remove the baby from the mother's custody, and since Hall and the child's mother live together, it appears everything will remain intact. Of course, if the analysis proves that Hall is a danger to the toddler, the entire dynamics of the case may change.