Ray J was recently asked his thoughts on the mini-feud Kanye West had with Nick Cannon after the Wild 'n Out host said that Drake may have slept with Kim Kardashian. If you can remember, Kanye posted a handful of videos on Instagram detailing how the events didn't "sit well with his spirit."

"What they're going through, I don't know," Ray said, via TooFab. "That's some macho-macho kind of stuff that I don't wanna be a part of."

He added: "I haven't really been paying attention to the back and forth between [Kanye and Nick] or me, I have to grow up and be my own man and look out for my own family and make sure that my wife and baby are comfortable with what I'm saying. So if that affects them then it affects me."

At one point in Ray's career, he released a track called "I Hit It First" that was seemingly a diss towards Kim and Kanye since Ray and Kim infamously dated and dropped a sex tape. He further told the publication that he's over his "disrespectful" ways.  

"I've been disrespectful over the years in my career because I was living a young, turnt up life," he said. "I've said a lot of crazy things about a lot of stuff. Looking back, I wouldn't take anything back, but looking forward, I wouldn't do it again. I would definitely think twice before I speak and take everybody's feelings into consideration and not just mine."