Back in 2015 Ray J and a man named Jean Paul said they would start an electric scooter bike business. Ray was to handle the investing and endorsement side while Jean did the other important things. Things ended when Ray allegedly went behind Jean's back and started his own competing company which led him to sue the singer for $30 million. According to The Blast, Ray demanded the case be dropped saying there was no written or contractual agreements.

New documents suggest that both parties have reached an agreement to settle the case on all issues, to end the month-long courtship. There's no word on what the parties settled on or a numerical amount. The case was best known since the judge quoted Ray J's popular song "One Wish" in one of the first hearings.  

“If Plaintiffs had one wish, Counts I, IV, V and VII would never end, they would just begin. But wait a minute, Plaintiffs need to let it go, because a photo is not a formal invite to be bound by terms of a contract, much less satisfy a statue that requires a writing.”