From his endlessly quotable music to his iconic Twitter presence to his brash personality, Vince Staples has proven himself to be a master at the arts of speech and writing. In all seriousness, he could be a motivational speaker, comedian, and... professional Yelp reviewer.

While in Louisville for a Bryson Tiller concert, he and his crew paid a visit to a local chicken chain, and the rapper was so impressed with the food that he left a glowing five star review on the popular food site. The post on the Royals Hot Chicken Yelp page has since been deleted, but you can read it below and check out a screenshot in the gallery above.

"For one I been to Kentucky never seen a KFC that's based on a true story and this IS the true story. We pulled up the night of Bryson Tiller's homecoming show so we knew we were meant to be grown and sexy on this occasion. Pause. Press play. The menu is on the wall as a warning of things to come. You WILL go stupid. Pick your heat then pick your sauce we even go vegan s/o to Tofu Ty. But a man like me needs Pimento cheese on the medium please and don't you dare hold that grease. This is America. Home of the brave and land of the free. The meal might as well had been free because the prices are out of this planet. If you love your life and you love freedom then you must visit. The Civil War wasn't won for you to remain ignorant. Fuck the Colonel."

Apparently Staples deleted the post after XXL discovered it and Soundcloud rappers consequently blew up his inbox:

[via XXL]