Following their major win at the BET Awards for Best Hip-Hop Platform, the Joe Budden Podcast wasted little time in bouncing back with a hilarious new episode, this time featuring a guest appearance from TDE's own Reason. And while plenty of topics are unpacked, one of the most interesting moments arrives when the crew breaks down Westside Gunn's recent message for Eminem and Shady Records -- around the one hour fifty-eight minute mark. 


Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

"He felt a way" says Joe Budden. "It's alright for n**as to say we felt a way about some shit." Before the conversation can heat up, Reason interjects with a question about Westside Gunn -- "he's the one with the ad-libs right?" As Budden laughs at the possibility of a brewing "beef," Reason explains that he's only really familiar with Benny's catalog -- though he does note that Westside has been "throwing little darts at [TDE] for a minute," a fact he hasn't forgotten.

Alluding to Gunn's displeasure with seeing TDE nominated over Griselda in certain award categories, Reason elaborates on his philosophy. "I do get what he's saying as far as how many projects they putting out," he says. "But it's also not about the quantity though, it's about the classics -- in my opinion." Rory inquires as to whether there really is animosity between TDE and Griselda, and Reason reflects back to an incident in January. "We was all supposed to rap at Apple," he reflects. "Griselda was going up there and I was supposed to rap with them. I hit Benny, they said it was cool...and then they said the studio didn't have the capacity for another rapper." 

"For me, I don't think n***as really like to cross moments anymore," he muses. "It's not about the moment in hip-hop, it's about where you trying to go. That's something I try to push against. I try to go with the moments." While he opts to leave it at that, Joe, Mal, and Rory waste little time in circling back to Westside Gunn's recent Eminem comment, which only drives the antics deeper into overdrive. Though the hosts conclude that Em and Paul aren't handling Gridselda quite so effectively, Reason maintains that Griselda doesn't need the help -- "they're doing a great job."

For more antics and insight from The Joe Budden Podcast, check out the full episode below. And should you require further clarity on everything that has transpired between Westside Gunn and Shady Records since they connected in 2017, be sure to check out our Complete History piece right here