Say what you will about the Los Angeles Leakers, but the men have an appreciation for the time-honored tradition of spitting bars. As such, they know to pay homage when a lyricist in their midst. Once again, TDE's Reason stepped into the booth to do as he does, riding the momentum of hard-hitting singles like "Pick It Up" and "Same Ol Shit." With speculation that an album is on the way, the Carson rapper wasted little time in laying waste to a pair of Drake and Dreamville bangers, "4 PM In Calabasas" and "Down Bad." 

Reason LA Leakers Freestyle

"Every day I'm Charlamagne, Envy face to face with me," he spits, in the tone-setting first moments. Before long, he's whipping up some insane new schemes. "My ancestors were slaves too long, they rolling over in graves," he rhymes. "Be a mobster, you want the pasta, know it come with the strain / lotta n***as namedropping it just come with the game, that's not a diss but that's crazy." From there, his "that's crazy" scheme mounts in intensity as he snaps at a rabid pace. Before long, the beat simply can't handle it and switches to some jiggy Dreamville shit.

A veteran of the Dreamers 3 session, Reason sounds at home over "Down Bad," even borrowing J.I.D's introductory flow to kick off his verse. While the double-time beat closes the door for some of his denser punchlines, it leaves even more space for Reason to switch it up, a process he does so with practiced swagger. Check out the crazy freestyle below, and sound off - is the TDE rapper the king of the Leakers booth?