In influential reach of hip hop and rap culture has no limit. What started out in the streets of New York City has is now an industry that crosses ethnic, gender, state, and country lines, and Red Bull is exploring how Asian culture has been affected by hip hop. The company has released an hour-long documentary, Asia Rising — The Next Generation of Hip Hop, and explores their music scene by featuring a handful of rising artists from various Asian countries.

Sean Miyashiro of 88rising produced the documentary and partnered with Red Bull's music initiative to distribute it to the masses. Rich Brian (Indonesia), Keith Ape (South Korea), Higher Brothers (China), Suboi (Vietnam), Jin Dogg (Japan) and Awich (Okinawa) are all highlighted in the film and share how they attempt to navigate their careers cross-culturally.

Obviously, the ability to directly access music online has changed the game exponentially, as artists from around the world are able to share their music with a global audience with the click of a button. However, the acceptance of different cultures take on hip hop is still a challenge in mainstream, but it's Miyashiro's hope that this changes.

“I think we’ve just scratched the surface,” Miyashiro told Rolling Stone last November. “We’re now in a position of representing somebody and something, and we have an opportunity to improve how close the world is. Now we can really elevate it, be this shining beacon of light for what a company can do, what a collective of people can do. That’s what really excites us. But it’s also like — hey, we really gotta deliver now.”