Red Dead Redemption 2 is a massive game. The in-game world is enormous and packed with details from the blades of grass, to the faces and voices of the game's characters. These characters are not just the usual cast you'd find in a movie or most open-world games, according to Kotaku Rockstar employed 1,200 actors in the making of Red Dead, 700 of whom had speaking parts in the game. It took them 2,200 days of motion capture to get all the movements and facial expression on file or, in other words, about six years. 

This must've been a lot to organize, so it's likely that the developers over at Rockstar took any chance they could get to trim down any extra time it might take to make the game. One way is in the casting of their voice actors for most of the main characters. When you take them side by side, they look almost identical. Here's the protagonist of the game, Arthur Morgan, and his voice actor, Robert Clark:

The same resemblance can be found in all the more prominent characters in the game, like Dutch who is played by Benjamin Byron Davis:

You can see the full list of resemblances here and a characteristic perfect review below: