Reese LAFLARE Was In The Room When Young Thug Recorded "Rocket Man"

Trevor Smith
August 28, 2018 13:36

"We've got a bunch of songs," Reese says of Thug.

Reese LAFLARE's newly-released self-titled project features some big guest appearances, but according to Reese, he's very selective about who he works with. "It's all homies on my album. I don't be doing songs with people that I don't fuckin' know," he told HNHH in an exclusive interview. One of the artists he's especially close with that showed up was Young Thug, who Reese has known since 2008 or 2009.

"We made ["Nosebleeds"] during fashion week in September last year... We've got a bunch of songs," he said, revealing that he's been in many sessions with Thug, including when he made "Rocket Man," his remix of Elton John's classic track finally released last week.

"I was there when Thug was recording that song," he sid. "I already knew that Elton John like fucks with him. I was just there when he was recording the song, so I was in and out of the room and shit like that."

"A lot of Thug's recent stuff I was there when he recorded all of it," he continued. "He records like 12 songs a night... I record a lot, but he records way, way more than I do. He doesn't leave the studio at all. That's what I learned from him."

Another big collab on the album comes from Pusha T, who shows up on "Mood Ring." "Pusha T hit me up," recalls Reese. "He hit me up and was like 'yo I fuck with your music.' He called me, we talked on the phone for like an hour. He sent me some shit. I did some hooks on some shit, did some verses for this shit. Then I sent him "Mood Ring." I originally made it with ScHoolboy Q in mind."

Watch the full HNHH interview with Reese above and stream his album here.

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