Reginae Carter and YFN Lucci have all the makings of a future hip-hop power couple, but an incident involving police last night in Tennessee may have generated some cause for concern.

The two were allegedly arrest last night at an after hours club in Knoxville, Tennessee. While details are very scarce as to the cause of the incident, footage of their arrest has found its way online.

Instagram live footage of their arrest was posted by The Shade Room. The video is captioned, "More footage of the alleged arrest of #YFNLucci and #Reginae - We can’t confirm they went to jail but many eye witnesses are claiming they got handcuffed after an after hours in #Tennessee #knoxville." The man who filmed the footage says that he's unable to say what Lucci actually did, but that he's "guilty until proven innocent".

In another video of the incident, Lucci can be seen more clearly, leaning on the hood of a police car and talking to an officer. Reginae can't be seen in any of the videos, but several eye-witnesses reported her being arrested as well. She made a post on her Instagram story saying, "I'm ok guys. I'm not in jail btw."

It appears that neither Reginae or Lucci ended up being taken back to the station, as Lucci also tweeted this morning that, "EVERYTHING IS OK 😎." Now the couple can go back to doing what they do best, dropping thousands of dollars at their local Subway restaurant.