Rejjie Snow Feat. Pell "Virgo" Video

Aron A.
August 10, 2017 10:48

Rejjie Snow cools out with the homies in the "Virgo" video.

Irish-rapper Rejjie Snow just dropped the video for "Virgo" today featuring Pell on the hook. While the song is not featured on his mixtape The Moon & You, it's still keeping the Rejjie Snow train moving forward. As his tape dropped earlier in the year and he's seeking to drop his debut album Dear Annie later this year, he's keeping busy and keeping his fans content with new music.

The latest drop from Rejjie Snow is a feel good song and the video is just as dope. Directed by Julien Soulier, Steve Wood and Laura Jones for Partizan, they do a great job of capturing Rejjie and his friends at O'Devaney Gardens. As they barbecue, kick back and enjoy their day, the song serves as a reminder not to take the little things for granted. The video opens up with a young girl being recorded on a VHS style footage saying "I like playing on the streets in the summer because I have all my friends, and I play with my friends and sometimes I go to the park and it's really sunny out, sometimes," before the beat kicks in.

It's a feel-good song that feels like a great way to ride the summer out. While school and fall is just around the corner, "Virgo" is a reminder to enjoy the last bit of time you get to spend with your loved ones before it's back to the grind. 

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