Remy Ma sure knows how to make a comeback and her newly slimmed body is a physical representation of this skill. Her noticeable weight lost is causing some commotion. The new frame was the main reason for 50 Cents' flirtatious interaction with the female MC. He couldn't help but compliment her shape. The online flirting ultimately got 50 in trouble with Papoose. An Instagram beef ensued and later entangled the gossip queen, Wendy Williams. Today, the "Conceited" rapper embraces the hype with comparison shots of her body to illustrate her physical transformation. The chosen photos are dated in the caption: "2018 vs 2007 Same Remy😉"

Some of Remy's following seems to believe this transformation could only be possible with the help of a surgeon. Still, in comparison to many of her contemporaries, Remy Ma's body looks quite natural. It also might not be too wise her pregnant self to get a nip and tuck before the baby. She and her husband, Papoose, have recently announced their being pregnant, after a long struggle with fertility issues. If anything, it would make more sense to for her to get work done after the baby is born, as the celeb trend dictates. Either way, we're here for whatever it is she's been doing to feel good in her body.