The release of Eminem's Kamikaze stirred up a lot of conversation. Not only did the album come out of the blue but Em came out swinging at several of his critics including Joe Budden. Budden has since responded to Eminem on his podcast but it doesn't look like he has any bars in the stash for Em because he's "retired." But if you ask Remy Ma, Joe Budden is just "mad pussy" and "scared to death" of what Eminem would hit him back with if Budden were to respond.

REVOLT's "State Of The Culture" with Joe Budden, Remy Ma and Scottie Beam will be airing later on today but before then, Scottie Beam shared a clip of what to expect. In the short teaser, Remy Ma asks Joe why he won't respond to Eminem's diss (which Joe refers to as bullshit) while hilariously dragging him through the dirt.

"Is that because he dissed you and you have yet to respond 'cause you mad pussy and you scared to death and he will flame you if you even try, is that why?" Remy asked Joe. 

"No Rem, that's not why," Joe said in response. "No, no, I like rap where people are saying things, that's all. And Machine Gun Kelly,  regardless of what you think about his actual skill set, he had a lot to say."

Remy Ma seemed to interpreted Joe's response as a way of dodging the question and she continued to press Joe about why he won't respond to Em.

Peep the clip below. "State Of The Culture" debuts at 5 p.m. on Revolt.