The word "corny" has been a favorite of the youth, who tend to reserve the label for those they deem no longer fashionable. In many ways, the meaning has undergone a dilution of sorts, though it still remains flung by those looking to assert a sense of dominance. Remy Ma recently took it upon herself to dub Cardi B and Nicki Minaj children of the corn, citing the back-and-forth, non-musical nature of their recent, heated exchange. The State Of The Culture Host continued her pattern of holding nothing back, making her an enjoyable, if occasionally controversial, foil for Jumpoff Joey.

Remy seems fatigued by the whole beef, and the conversation surrounding the pair in general. "I'm different," says a bored looking Remy. "I'm not going to keep arguing with somebody. I don't want to hear this. The part that made it the corniest, after everything for a whole fifteen hours, they're both like okay, let's be friends now!" 

Joe, on the other hand, seems amused. "They aired all the dirty laundry, and were like, there's no beef!" "I'm over it," says Remy. "Joe, you know your ass is over it too. Stop it."

Peep the full episode of State Of The Culture below. Remy's reaction kicks off around the eight-minute mark.