Kyrie Irving has made it quite clear in recent weeks that he no longer wants to play in LeBron James' shadow. 

The 25-year old 4x All-Star has requested a trade from the Cavaliers, but there's no guarantee that they'll find a suitable offer before this offseason ends and training camp begins.

That said, it's becoming increasingly difficult to picture Kyrie and LeBron co-existing on the same team, especially since Kyrie is reportedly "not about to let LeBron 'son' him" any more and is "tired of hearing about what LeBron needs."

Stephen A. Smith writes, per The Undefeated,  

“Kyrie isn’t saying he’s better than LeBron and should be seen that way,” a close confidant of Irving’s told me. “He’s saying he’s not about to let LeBron ‘SON’ him … treating him like he’s the child and LeBron’s the father or big brother he’s supposed to look up to. 

“Kyrie knows he’s a franchise-caliber talent. He wants to be treated like it. And he’s tired of hearing about what LeBron needs, and he’s damn sure tired of hearing LeBron sound like he always needs more. As if the crew they have isn’t enough.”

Kyrie has allegedly requested a trade to either the Heat, Knicks, Spurs or Timberwolves, though the Cavs will ultimately have the final say in where he ends up and what type of package they'll receive in return.