Lil Xan has been under attack for comments made about Tupac during a now-infamous interview. Many rappers and fans were angered about his negative remarks on Pac's clout levels. One thing is for sure, with the backlash, Xan will probably not make any further statements about old school rappers. Yesterday, we reported on Father's comments regarding the young rapper from Redlands, California and today, Rich Homie Quan has chimed in. During a promotional visit to Big Boy's Neighborhood radio show, Big Boy asked the former Rich Gang member who the wackest in the game is right now between plugging his newest album Rich As In Spirit.

When asked the question, Quan had to think for a second before remembering that Lil Xan existed, easily naming him to take the title. While RHQ admits that he's never listened to Diego's music, he compares the scandal about his controversial lyrics to the current Tupac fiasco. While lyrics bragging about rape are absolutely abhorrent, Rich Homie draws comparisons between the two, saying, "I messed up big in lyrics, but I ain't never said nothing bad about Pac." Quan is basing his pick solely on Diego's comments, saying that because of his age, he likely hasn't been exposed to Tupac and Biggie yet.

Like many of the artists critiquing Xan, Quan remarks that the young rapper should have just skipped the question altogether. RHQ was put through the wringer because of his controversial remarks, so he knows a thing or two about being involved in ongoing drama. Maybe a media training session with Quan could help Lil Xan out for the future.