After inking himself with a portrait of drug lord Pablo Escobar, Rich Homie Quan has moved onto a fictional movie character, Edward Scissorhands. The Tim Burton-imagined character, played by Johnny Depp, is now immortalized (well, at least for the length of RHQ's life) on Rich Homie's forearm-- sitting opposite Pablo's portrait.

Rich Homie Quan shared two photos of the tattoo's process on his Instagram, one mid-way the tattoo session and one of the final product. In the final photo, he included an explanation as to why he went with the dark, somewhat creepy Edward.

"Edward was different. He was also an oukast, and he also had a big heart. Yea he made one mistake everybody turnd they back on him. Sometimes the weirdest people can be your hero. And it just happens Mr. Scissor hand as one of mines," he wrote.

Take a look at the tattoo above.