Earlier this week, it was reported that Rich Homie Quan assaulted a security guard in South Beach, Miami before fleeing the scene James Bond-style on a speedboat. Well, it turns out the second part of that story might not be true. 

Indeed, Rich Homie did punch a security guard--at least that's what the security guard, Christian Cajigas, is saying in a forthcoming lawsuit (with pics at his defense). The alleged speedboat getaway, though, is less likely. TMZ now reports that RHQ did, in fact, leave Club LIV for a boat--but a boat he ended up staying, and partying, on for at least an hour. In the above gallery, you can see a photo taken by a woman (supposedly) on the same boat, enjoying a peck on the cheek from the fugitive himself.

While we're disappointed Quan's getaway was less cinematic than we thought, at least he made it through the night scot-free. We'll keep you updated as details from Cajigas' lawsuit against Rich Homie continue to emerge.