Rich The Kid made it clear to his followers on Wednesday that he has nothing but the utmost respect for his girlfriend and baby mama, model Tori Brixx. The rapper posted a photo of the two of them on Instagram, with a lengthy caption expressing his love for Tori. "My life is everything with you & nothing without, I love you more than anything on earth," he wrote in the caption of the post, which features a photo of the two of them at the AMAs last month. The photo, which shows Rich caressing and kissing Tori's voluptuous chest, is one of many shots taken by the paparazzi at the event that showed the couple getting very frisky on the red carpet. The two are no strangers to PDA, and Rich make no effort to hide how head over heels he is for Tori, often bragging about how fine she is.

As well as declaring how much Tori means to him, Rich also offered an apology to her for his behaviour this past weekend. "I was either drunk or high but that still does not excuse it," Rich said about his actions, likely referring to their fight on his IG live this weekend. In the video, Rich tells Tori to "shut the f*ck up" and calls her "annoying as f*ck," and appears to aggressively push her into another room at one point. Despite this, Rich assures everyone, "I would never disrespect my wife in any way" and "can only treat [her] with utmost respect for being the wom[a]n I dreams of & the best mother to our child." Though the two are not actually married, his sentiments toward her are clearly strong.