When rappers refer to the "dead homies," it's generally coming from a place of admiration. Such is most definitely not the case for Rich The Kid, who recently dropped off the incendiary visuals for the Lil Uzi Vert diss track "Dead Friends." The clip, which features a Lil Uzi doppelganger being murdered and buried by a hit-man, seems to epitomize fightin' words. As of now, Lil Uzi has yet to issue a response. The "XO Tour Life" rapper has been going through his own shit, with his social media presence being seemingly hijacked by unknown parties. Who knows if he'll ever hit the booth to respond on wax.

Meanwhile, Rich The Kid continues to enjoy life. The World Is Yours rapper was last seen sauntering down the streets, where he collided with an exuberant TMZ cameraman. Off the bat, it's clear that Rich has no intention on providing a serious answer to any of the cameraman's questions, opting instead to troll and ridicule the man's voice. When asked whether or not Rich has any intention of burying the hatchet with his former friend, Rich simply parrots back the lyrics to "Dead Friends," a telling response in its own right. He also asks if the cameraman has seen the video, which seems to affirm Rich's feelings on the matter.

As it stands, the beef seems particularly one-sided. Now that Lil Uzi was essentially murdered on video, it seems like he almost has to respond. At this point, who even knows? Peep the video via TMZ