As of right now, only one side of the story is available but it would appear as though Tori Brixx, the fiancée of rapper Rich The Kid, was involved in a  violent scuffle at her local Target store.

As reported by The Shade Room, the model and entrepreneur was allegedly spotted in handcuffs after she got into a fight at the shop, punching a middle-aged woman in her nose.

Tori and the woman were allegedly in line at check-out when Brixx supposedly jumped her in the queue, beginning a verbal war of words. Things turned violent when Brixx reportedly threw a punch, breaking the woman's nose according to her daughter. 

Tori Brixx
Phillip Faraone/Getty Images

In a series of videos that were shared online, one of Brixx's friends can be heard saying that the woman pushed her cart into the model, thereby instigating the fight. After leaving the store, they continued their battle in the parking lot where the mention of vehicular manslaughter could be heard after somebody threatened to run the other over.

As of right now, the specifics of this situation are unclear. Tori Brixx has not commented on the fight and, until she does, we likely will not have any further information.

Watch the videos below.