It seems like someone is going through a great deal of trouble to dig up old dirt on celebrities. Trevor Noah is currently catching heat for a joke he made about Aboriginal Australian women years ago, and Disney also recently fired James Gunn. Gunn, who helmed both Guardians of the Galaxy movies, is facing backlash after decade-old tweets that featured jokes about rape resurfaced online. Now, Rick and Morty co-creator Dan Harmon has been put on blast as well. 

A video that Harmon made in 2009 has been making its rounds online recently. The video, entitled Daryl, is supposed to be a parody of the DexterIn the clip, Harmon's character climbs through an apartment window, pulls down his pants, and begins to rub his genitals on a baby doll. Harmon does warn viewers that the video is controversial at the beginning of the clip, but angry viewers are claiming that the scene promotes pedophilia and rape. Anyone who watches Rick and Morty would be less than surprised at the clip, since the adult cartoon features jokes that are just as crude, if not worse, in every episode. Harmon has deleted his Twitter since the video resurfaced online this past weekend.