Last year a judge dismissed Rick Ross' case against party rockers LMFAO when he claimed the duo unlawfully sited his single "Hustlin'" in their track "Party Rock Anthem." Rick wasn't okay with the fact that their songs feature line "Everyday I'm shufflin," is in close relation to his feauture phrase "Everyday I'm Hustlin'." The judge reportedly said that the copyright registrations for his song had so many errors it couldn't hold up a lawsuit.

The Miami Herald has since reported that Rozay has appealed the judge's ruling and is looking to get another go in the courtroom. The publication notes that Ross has updated his copyright registrations and this time they are correct.  

Judge Kathleen Williams was not buying Rick's claims against LMFAO’s Redfoo and Sky Blu, where she argued that common words cannot be copyrighted. 

“Even if the phrase ‘everyday I’m hustlin’’ were copyrightable, plaintiffs still fail the intrinsic test,” she wrote in her past ruling. “The average lay observer would not confuse T-shirts bearing the phrase ‘everyday I’m shufflin’’ with the musical composition ‘Hustlin’’ nor, without reference to ‘Party Rock Anthem’ and ‘Hustlin’’ would an average lay observer recognize the merchandise as having been appropriated from ‘Hustlin’."

As for other Rick music news, the rapper recently revealed that Kanye West made him scrap his initial "Devil In A New Dress" verse for a "better" one.

"When I recorded that verse for the first time, he came in, heard it and he told me he thought I could do better and he walked out," he said to Complex. "And then I wrote another one and the second verse I wrote is the one you hear on the album which a lot of people consider one of Rozay best verses. Shout out to Yeezy."

Only time will tell if Rick's second go at this case will play out in his favour. What do you guys think? Does Rick have a chance?