Rick Ross took yet another trip to Power 105's Breakfast club, this time in promotion of his brand new album, Mastermind. Ross spoke on a number of subjects during his interview, answering a few questions that fans have had on their minds. He addressed Diddy's rants on "Nobody", the infamous Instagram diss from 50 Cent, as well as briefly talking about the attempt on his life in 2013.

Read some excerpts from the sit down below.

On who Diddy was addressing on "Nobody":

That was really a Puff session. Going in on [someone]…That was him schooling some dudes. And I’mma keep it clear, it wasn’t French Montana. It was him schooling some dudes. And the little homie from Revolt, you know, just politely kept that record button on. So, that’s my little homie. So, when he played it for me I’m like ‘Yo, let’s transfer this, man.’ And we made it right and when I went and played it for Puff, you know, I kept it 100. Told him ‘I know what the set was. I’ll never give up who you was talking to.’ Because y’all know ‘em.

On 50's diss:

I mean, was he in his Pimpin’ Curly mode? If he wasn’t in Pimpin’ Curly you know I ain’t really move. Nah, not at all. You know we ain’t got time for that. We winning. Check the scoreboard. We running the numbers up high…Other than that put the wigs on for us. That’s when we enjoyed it and we laughed. Put the wigs on. You know what I mean? Go back to that. Other than that we gon’ keep getting this money.”

On the attempt on his life:

You know just performing in clubs and things like that, those types of things happen. You know what I’m saying? When I finally got the word of what it was—you know, shout out to the deejay. Yeah, Bistro. He a super cool dude. I don’t wanna speculate on it, but they say they hit homie. So, that was unfortunate, but other than that the entire night it went well. You know what I’m saying? Me, Puff we went and balled out. Puff and them peeled off right before me. Peeled out and you just wake up in the morning to the news, the text, and all that.