Because of his response to the Black Lives Matter movement and his overall tomfoolery on social media, Terry Crews has lost a lot of public support in recent months. The host of America's Got Talent has found himself in the doghouse for making some repulsive takes on the state of the country right now, alienating himself from an entire community of potential fans.

One person that has not been shy about his disdain for Terry Crews is Rick Ross. In his new single "Pinned To The Cross," he includes a quick shot at the comedian.

"Terry Crews is another c**n who was basically bought," raps Ross on the track.

He has continually voiced his opinion on the man in subsequent interviews and now, he's bringing it to The Shade Room's comments section.

Stirring the pot once more, Rick Ross spoke about Terry Crews as he showed off his dance moves.

"C**nville," he commented, not shying away from the controversy.

Clearly, Rick Ross is not a fan of what Terry has been saying in the media. He also presented a problem with Kanye West's words as of late, clocking him in a recent interview and requesting a conversation to smooth over their issues caused by West's anti-abortion and anti-vaccination stance. Several weeks went by before West and Ross patched things up with an in-person meeting.

Do you think Terry Crews and Rick Ross will ever meet up to discuss where things went wrong?