Lots of hip-hop fans hit up nightclubs around the world and indulge in some bottle service while they're vibing the beats of their favorite artists. Now, two of rap's biggest stars are making themselves a more intimate part of the club experience, with their likenesses adorning special edition bottles from Luc Belaire's Fantome collection.

The Belaire name is a staple for those who want to feel like high rollers while they're partying and these new designs should help cement that reputation in a big way. Rick Ross, DJ Khaled and superstar DJ Steve Aoki are all getting cartoon images of them put on different Belaire products. These limited edition updates of the Rose, Luxe and Gold label bottles will be coming to clubs in the very near future and will surely not be around forever, so fans will want to score them once they become available. Check out images of the new bottle designs below.

There's no clarification if these bottles will be like the ones Belaire already carries that light up, but one would think that such a feature would befit the music giants who now have their faces slapped onto the labels. For Ross and Khaled, they continue to be the face of Florida's slow-but-steady rise to the top of the rap world, representing the boss lifestyle better than many artists in the game. Congrats to all three men on this new venutre!

If you had to pick a rapper and put his or her portrait on a bottle of booze, who would they be and what would the alcohol brand or type be? Let us know in the comments.