Rick Ross put his generosity on a whole new level when he was seen handing out wings at a recent fashion party. 

The boss attended American Eagle's 40th Anniversary bash earlier this week and while he was there he decided to not only play the role as a rapper but also as a friendly guy who wants to see you enjoy a few bites from his beloved fast food chain, Wingstop. 

Following his performance where he rapped “Hustlin’,” “The Boss” and “New Flame," Page Six reports that Rick began passing out wings to the crowd and even had some models join him on the stage. “Rick brought actress Billie Lourd, models Jordyn Woods and Iskra Lawrence up on the stage to feed them,” the publication writes. “He was hand-feeding Iskra wings.”

Last week Rick added his two cents to the ongoing beef between Lil Wayne and Birdman, where he suggested that Birdman should have paid Wayne already considering the amount of success Wayne has under his belt.

In a series of Snapchat video posted of Rick lounging in a car, he openly shared his stance on the whole matter.

"It just ran across my mind. And I said, 'damn, I wonder if Birdman paid that man yet?' Pay that man," he said, "Pay that man. Man, that man sold a million his first week. God damn, what a nigga gotta do to get his money? What that man gotta do for you to pay him? Sell 10 million in the first two days? Then you'll pay that man? God damn... Man, let you sweet niggas ride around clean for a long time, man. Gon' get a loan and pay that man. You know what I don't like really the most about this shit is the fact that y'all two fightin' each other instead of y'all two fighting the white people. You switched out on him."