Rick Ross has had a rough year thus far, being hospitalized and placed on life support in early March. While he seemed to be doing well after recovering from his health issues, Rozay reportedly suffered a setback over the weekend as he experienced seizures and difficulty breathing before a performance. While he has not made any comments on the matter, Ross has begun to embrace a new moniker, signaling that his health is likely fine. During an appearance in Kenya, an interviewer gave Ross a new name to go by, noting the significance and meaning of his nickname.

Performing in Nairobi, Kenya, Rozay took time to do a radio interview during which the host gave him his new name: Tajiri. According to the interviewer, Tajiri is a Swahili word that means anything from "prestige, power, wealth and richness." The host continued, "With wealth comes power. The power comes responsibility. Tajiri. That's your name. When you go up on that stage tomorrow, boo, I'ma be waiting on you to say 'What's up Kenya, it's your boy Tajiri!'"

The rapper loves his new name so much that he apparently plans to use it all the time when traveling to his "second home" in Nairobi. The Bawse posted a gallery of photos from his trip, which you may view below.