PETA, and animal rights activists, in general, haven't shied away from voicing their opinions about celebrities wearing fur. When it comes to rappers, specifically, they've never shown any fear in pulling up. In 2017, after Gucci Mane released his biography, anti-fur protestors stormed the rapper's book signing to let him know how they feel. 

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Rick Ross was the latest rapper to face the wrath of loud anti-fur protestors but he handled it with grace. So, as you've probably heard, Rozay is readying the release of his biography, Hurricanes which is due out next week. Ahead of its release, the rapper held a book signing New York City where he was met with angry protestors. Now, you might think someone like Rozay could simply tell them to f*ck off but that's not the Rick Ross way. He's a gracious dude that clearly welcomes everyone's ideas to the table, even if they seem like a jab at him. While the protestors were yelling at the Port Of Miami 2 rapper, he simply blew them a kiss and went on his way. 

You wouldn't expect Rick Ross to even acknowledge them but hey, their voices were heard loud and clear. Whether or not this prevents Rick Ross from wearing fur in the future is up in the air, but maybe he's more willing to educate himself further on animal rights. 

Peep the clip below.