There's no other way to put this - this depressing to write. Rick Ross has reportedly been put on a form of life support. According to TMZ, the recently hospitalized rapper has been hooked up to a machine designed to help with breathing; essentially taking over the functions of both his heart and lungs. While details remain cloudy, it's certainly looking bleak for the iconic Boss. Apparently, Ross has been in a Miami hospital, being treated in the cardiovascular unit. While initial diagnosis pointed to pneumonia, it has been speculated that Ross suffered a heart attack. Again, details remain unclear. 

TMZ claims that Ross has been put on something called ECMO, an acronym for extra-corporeal membrane oxygenation. The process pumps oxygen into his blood from outside his body, and then proceeds to recirculate the oxygenated blood. While it's no doubt more complicated than that, it seems like Rick Ross is in a serious condition right now. All we can do right now is pray for the Boss to pull through. The legendary rapper is only forty-two, and this recent health scare is certainly causing fear to spread within his fanbase.

Hopefully Rick Ross can rally. The game still needs him. Stay tuned for more developments on the story.