Rick Ross is regarded as one of the biggest bosses in the rap game. The undisputed Don of the 305, his prowess as an emcee is often overshadowed by the appeal of his overall lifestyle, especially when it comes to his game with the ladies. Expensive cars, trips to exotic locations - it's all in a day's work for the MMG legend. However, based on a photo that has gone viral on Twitter, Ross didn't have to go far to find the next woman who he found irresistible.

Ross was photographed striking a rather, shall we say, flirtatious pose with a female fan at an Atlanta Wingstop location recently. The picture, which was tweeted out by the woman in question, was shared on Twitter late last week, but was only noticed by a majority of fans over the weekend. You can check out her full post below.

It's Ross' look in the second picture, completely transfixed by the young fan he sees before him, that had much of the Internet in stitches as of late. Many fans turned up in the comments to do their part in making the replies and retweets nothing short of hilarious, letting her know it's okay for her to "secure the bag." Interesting tidbit: as of this writing, she was also being followed by Ross' official Twitter account. Is some late-night texting in the making between these two? Who knows at this point. For now, enjoy some of the best responses to the picture, which you can see below.

Wingstops are proving to be successful ventures for Rick Ross, and not just on the romantic front. According to Forbesthe locations that he owns generate around $7 million in income for him on an annual basis. At this point, no one should be paying any mind to his haters - for all intents and purposes, Rozay is just out here living the American Dream.