Charlamagne has received another shipment of bottles, this time courtesy of Ricky Rozay. At the end of July, after avowing do so on "Back to Back," Drake sent a peace offering to Charlamagne in the form of six bottles of Dom Pérignon. A new shipment of bottles arrived in The Breakfast Club studio this morning -- six BOXES of Luc Belaire Rose, for which Rick Ross is a proud spokesman. 

While it's clear that Ross one-upped his bottle shipment, the move likely wasn't intended as a shot against Drake; however, the target could be Drake's boss, or "that pussy that you're signed to," as Ross rapped on "Color Money." During a December appearance on The Breakfast Club, Ross spoke out on his disrespect for Birdman, thus confirming the Cash Money boss as the "pussy" in question on "Color Money." 

Of course, Birdman showed up at The Breakfast Club last week for one of the most memorable interviews in the show's recent history, despite the combative sit-down spanning less than two minutes. Birdman, in a threatening tone, demanded that The Breakfast Club, and Charlamagne specifically, put some "respek" on his name. Charlamagne then asked him if he would pull up on Rick Ross or Trick Daddy in the same manner, which clearly agitated Birdman, who soon stormed out of the studio along with his Rich Gang affiliates. 

Rick Ross' surprise gift to Charlamagne could be his way of saluting Tha God and praising him for standing his ground against Birdman, whom Ross clearly has no respek for.