Rick Ross says he was worried that he caused the NFT market to fall by 92 percent, earlier this week, when he made a post asking crypto investors to prove they're actually making money.

“Man, I just woke up, and I heard the NFT market crashed 92 percent, I hope that wasn’t cause of my post, was it,” Rick Ross asked in the video on his Instagram Story, Thursday. “Somebody from NFT call me and tell me the shit crashed on its own, and Rozay ain’t responsible.”

Rick Ross, NFT
Dia Dipasupil / Getty Images

As for Ross's criticism, he said in his original post: “The metaverse, crypto y’all get so much money where you at? Where you at? Show us and I don’t mean I’m trying to show money, I got a lot of money I don’t even need that fake money but show my homies what the metaverse about.”

He continued: “One of y’all big boy, crypto dudes, guru, crypto ‘This what we going to do Rozay.’ Where y’all at?”

The Wall Street Journal reported that the NFT market is “flatlining,” and down 92 percent from last September, earlier this week.

Besides questioning crypto investors, Ross is preparing for a car show in Georgia, later this month.

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